Provide the Right Product to Our Customer

At American Interbanc Mortgage, we pride ourselves on the masses of former customers who return to us for new loans and refinancing. We believe that by putting our customers in the right product we can create a lifelong partnership. For that reason, our Loan Officers emphasize tailoring the right products to the right customer and are compensated the same regardless of which product the customer end up in. We are here to listen and help the customer find the right mortgage product for the customer’s needs.

Provide the Best Price to Our Customer

As the actual lender and NOT A BROKER we have a substantial economic advantage per transaction that a mortgage broker cannot overcome. As an Internet-based mortgage banker, we also have a significant cost advantage over the traditional retail mortgage banking institutions with layers of bureaucracy and large overhead. Add to that our operational efficiencies which lead to quick closing and low transaction costs, and this significant cost advantage gives us the ability to provide consumers with extremely competitive pricing.

Maintain Integrity to Our Customers

We are here to serve the customer’s mortgage needs. We are here to help the customer in what is likely the biggest purchase of the customer’s life. We are here to make sure the customer feels comfortable in his/her mortgage and to make every step as transparent as possible. If customers have questions, we are here to answer them honestly, thoroughly, and quickly. We are also here to be honest in our rate quotes. We do not bait and switch, we do not use artificially low rate quotes to bait our customers and then switch them to higher rates as they approach closing.

Close our Customer’s Deals Quickly

Simply put – if the customer helps us by providing us with the loan documents promptly, we will close the deal quickly. Our centralized operations and combined over a century of mortgage operations experience in processing, underwriting, and closing loans, allow us to close loans in 30 days or less.

Talk to a Loan Specialist Today

We want you to feel confident about purchasing or refinancing your home. Our experienced loan specialists are here to answer any questions or to address any concerns you may have. Get in touch today to lock in your custom rate or to begin the application process.